1999...The Start of Our Little Family

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Pre-Alex pictures for 1999 coming in the future.  The current priority is to get 2002 and 2003 up to date.
Stay tuned.......

Introducing Anthony Alexander Palermo!

Alex's First Picture

July 19, 1999


Alex's First Days in the NICU--November 1999

November 17, 1999
26 weeks, 2 lbs 9oz

Alex & Daddy
(one week old)

Mommy giving Alex
a sponge bath.


Thanksgiving 1999

Alex's first card for Mommy & Daddy.


Grandma comes for a Thanksgiving visit.
November 24, 1999


December 1999

Alex's first "real" bath.

And another.

All clean!


Christmas/New Year's Eve 1999

Our family's first Christmas.
4lbs, 8oz

Christmas with Grandma
& Uncle George.

 Happy Y2K!

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