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  January 2000

Alex's Homecoming!

January 14, 2000
Ready to go home for the first time.
At home with an apnea monitor.


Children's Hospital
Things got a little scary the next day, so Alex had to go back to the hospital.

7lbs, 2oz


February 2000
After ten days at Children's Hospital, Alex was home for good!

Two weeks before
due date of 2/17/00.
8lbs, 2oz

Restin' up.

Nappin' with Daddy
after a meal.

Grandma comes to
visit for a month.
8lbs, 9oz


March 2000

Havin' some lunch.
(Or dinner? Or was it breakfast?)
9lbs, 8oz

Time to burp!

Alex and Daddy have had
a long day.

Still more napping to be done.
9lbs, 15oz


Alex's First Portrait Sitting
Lot's of growing, exercising, and trying on new clothes.
11lbs, 3oz


April 2000
April was spent getting more exercise and growing stronger.

Grandpa Norman comes for a visit.
April 9, 2000
12lbs, 3oz
Bouncin' around the house.

The Kick Start Machine.


May 2000
Getting out more and more, while using his apnea monitor less and less.

With Mommy at his Great Aunt
and Uncle's Beach House
in Newport Beach.
At Sea World in San Diego.

 Poolside at home with Daddy.


June 2000
Alex's First Jet Plane Trip!
("D.C.'d" apnea monitor during trip)

With Grandpa Norman and Great
Grandma and in Colorado Springs.
Alex's First Crab Boil at Grandma's
in Houma, Louisianna.
Havin' a shower with Daddy.


July 2000

Playin' a little SkipBo.
(Daddy's helping)
Bouncin' in his new car.


August 2000
Alex's Second Jet Plane Trip!
Flew to Humboldt County for Dad's 20th class reunion and to visit family.

Visiting Grandpa Jack.
Enjoying the pleasures of a three
hour lay-over at SFO.
Back home in his domain.


September 2000
Alex's Third Jet Plane Trip!
Flew to Sun Valley, Idaho for his second cousin's wedding.

The cabin that Grandma
got for us.

At the reception.
Spending time with Grandma.

Alex's First Month
at Children's Hospital Daycare.


October 2000

"Alex the Alligator"


Alex's First Birthday!
November 17, 2000

Havin' some cake.

MMMMM.  That was good!

Gettin' tough with his tiger.


December 2000

Alex in Santa Hat at Children's Daycare.

  Spent the holidays at Grandma's in Houma, Louisianna.
Alex getting some piano
lessons from Grandma
(feet are helpful too).

Alex also learned to stand up by
himself for the first time
(just needed a few books).

Alex opening presents with
Mommy and Uncle George.


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