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January 2001

 Grandpa Norman came for a visit.


February 2001
 Mardi Gras at Grandma's in Houma, Louisianna.

Alex walking down
the jetway to Grandma.

 Alex keeping up with
his piano practice.

 Mommy and Daddy at the
Krew of Terraneans Ball.

Alex after a hard night
of "bead catching."

Alex helping sort some beads.
(There's a parade almost nightly.)

Back home, Alex had his very
first school picture taken.


March 2001

Tony's sister Jeanne and the
rest of the Romanowicz crew
came for a visit.

Alex polishing his culinary skills
after sampling the cajun cuisine
during Mardi Gras.

Having a relaxing moment
with Daddy.

April 2001

Alex enjoying a spring day.
(He never really enjoyed our using
the gates to corral him in, so we
settled for "gating off" the things
that he shouldn't mess with.)

One of the perks of living
in San Diego...THE ZOO!

Alex's first piano.

On the way back from a friend's baptism in Tecate,
we made our obligatory stop at Babys-R-Us.
And ...well...they take pictures there.

Alex enjoying his Easter Basket contents
(with a bottle chaser).


May 2001
 Can't find any May pictures--How sad!

June 2001

Aunt Leesa and Uncle Larry
came for a visit.

Alex helping Grandma peel off
our disgusting wallpaper.
Having fun at Sea World
with Mommy.
Alex's first haircut.


July 2001

Alex enjoying our new eating discovery,
The Chicken Pie Shop

Alex taking his first swim
with Daddy.

Catching up on
some reading.

Enjoying the southern
California weather.

August 2001

Alex enjoying the park at a friend's
 birthday party in Tecate, Mexico.

Waiting for our shuttle
in Colorado Springs.

Spending time
with Great Grandma.

Having fun at the
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
with Grandpa Norman.

Enjoying a dip in the
warm Colorado sun.

With Mommy on
Grandpa Norman's deck.


September 2001

Alex enjoying the sights in
Pacific Beach with Grandma.

Alex swinging
with Uncle George at
Children's Daycare's "Fiesta."

Alex and Mommy
at the Sharp Mary Birch Hospital
NICU Reunion.

October 2001

Alex taking the easy road to
Trick-or-Treating the offices
at Children's Hospital.

Alex taking a break from
at Mommy's work.


November 2001
Alex's Birthday Party at Family Fun Center in El Cajon.

Alex with Mommy
in "The Bubble."

Alex and Daddy
going down the slide.

Alex enjoying the rides
with Grandma.

Alex's second school picture.


December 2001
Bahamas Trip!
December 8th through 23rd.

Partying with Grandma and
Uncle George at Taino Beach.

Pam, Tony, and Alex
on the beach.

Alex discovering what being in the
Bahamas is all about.

Mommy and Alex taking a break
from the hectic schedule.

Our second week was spent at another resort,
near the nightly Junkanoo parades.
Tiring of adult company, Alex jumped at the
chance to hang out with the other kids
(who nicknamed him "Lilly-Boy).

Grandma finding validation
for her trash obsessions
back in Lousianna.

Tony and Pam enjoying
some horseback riding.

Alex getting in all the "beach time" he can.

After spending so much
time breathing the salt air,
Alex ponders his next boat purchase.

Christmas 2001

Back home in San Diego.

Grandma and Alex
opening presents.

What better way to spend
Christmas than brunch
at the Hotel Del Coronado.

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